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About Yercaud

About Yercaud – An Overview Yercaud is situated nearly at the summit of the Shevaroys at an elevation of 4700 ft. above MSL. The Shevaroys hills are a small group of hills in the Eastern Ghats. This covers an area of one hundred and forty eight square miles in extent. Also about seventeen miles long from North- East to South- ...

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Worlds largest Chakra Temple

Wolrds largest chakra temple in Yercaud

Worlds largest Chakra Temple Apart from the various tourist attractions, Yercaud is also home to the World’s largest Sri Chakra Maha Meru. The temple is located in Nagalore village, which is 7 kms from the Yercaud lake. The Lalitha Tripurasundari Temple houses the world’s largest Sri Chakra Maha Meru. The ambience of the temple is so serene and vibrant. The main sanctum ...

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Lady’s Seat

Lady's Seat

Lady’s Seat – A breath-taking view point The rock faces and precipices are worth seeing here. “Lady’s Seat” is a natural seat in rock formation, with a back rest, where one or two people can sit and stretch their feet on to an adjacent rock. This view point perhaps got its name in reverence to Our Lady – Mother of ...

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Fig Fruit

Fig – one of the Common fruit in Yercaud Figs, popularly known as ‘Anjeer‘ in Hindi, ‘Athi Pallu‘ in Telugu, ‘Atti Pazham‘ in (Tamil and Malayalam), ‘Anjura‘ in Kannada and ‘Dumoor‘ in Bengali. Fig trees are cultivated in dry and sunny areas. They produce crops 2-4 times a year. These fruits are found fresh and common in Yercaud during the ...

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Oranges in yercaud

The Orange is a citrus tree. Oranges originated in southeast Asia,  India, Vietnam or Southern China. The fruit of Citrus sinensis is called a sweet orange. The English name derives from the Sanskrit naranga – s(“ Orange tree”). Varieties: The Persian orange, grown widely in Southern Europe after its introduction to Italy in the 11th century. It is bitter in ...

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Rose Garden

Rose Garden

Rose Garden: The multi coloured Rose garden in Yercaud presents an enchanting sight. Different species of the flowers with their heady smells  and the astounding views of the garden is perfect delight for visitors. The garden also serves as one of the idyllic place for the experts as well as aspiring horticulture enthusiasts.

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Teak Forest

Teak Forest in Yercaud

Teak Forest – Yercaud If you are curious to know, how life Bagan during the Stone-Age era or how evolution has changed the world,then the Kottachedu Teak Forest is the destination that you must visit. Although the hill station of Yercaud doesn’t feature much trees apart from bamboo, this is a destination that will take you by surprise. Filled with ...

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Deer Park Yercaud

Yercaud Deer Park

Deer Park Yercaud The Deer park is a must visit place in Yercaud, especially for the kids  who hold a gleeful aspect for animals and for all nature and animal lovers. The park is a beautiful picnic spot where visitors can enjoy the enchanting views of the hills, and kids can explore different activities. The park has lush green playgrounds where ...

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Silk Farm

Silk farm in Yercaud

Silk Farm in Yercaud: The Silk Farm is located two kilometres away from Yercaud town. This is a worthwhile sightseeing destination, which is also seen as an offbeat destination for tourists. Including history seekers, who wish to know more about Tamil Nadu. This is a place that shouldn’t be missed. It is a destination where one can learn more about ...

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Annamalaiyar Temple

Annamalaiyar Temple view point yercaud

Annamalaiyar Temple Annamalaiyar Temple is located at a distance of 8 km from Yercaud Lake in the village of Thalaisolai, it is a popular vantage point. The Temple is built at a height of 1400 metres. Annamalaiyar Temple is a beautiful Shiva Temple with a single tower sculpted with colourful idols. Also it has a pyramid-like lamp tower which is painted ...

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