Fig Fruit


Fig – one of the Common fruit in Yercaud

Figs, popularly known as ‘Anjeer‘ in Hindi, ‘Athi Pallu‘ in Telugu, ‘Atti Pazham‘ in (Tamil and Malayalam), ‘Anjura‘ in Kannada and ‘Dumoor‘ in Bengali. Fig trees are cultivated in dry and sunny areas. They produce crops 2-4 times a year. These fruits are found fresh and common in Yercaud during the months from June – November.

The fig fruits in Yercaud are mostly found red in color. The commercial fruit stalls in Yercaud serve the fig fruit with natural honey. Figs are extremely juicy and sweet, and have a chewy flesh and crunchy seeds. Fresh figs are rich and nutritious. Before eating or using figs, wash them under running water and gently remove the stem. You can eat fresh figs whole or peeled.
Fresh figs are a great addition to salads, cakes and ice creams. Sweet and juicy figs should be enjoyed without any additions to enjoy their taste to the fullest. Since figs are highly alkaline, you can mix them with other foods too. It will not alter the fig’s taste in any way.

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