Lady's Seat
Lady's Seat

Lady’s Seat

Lady’s Seat – A breath-taking view point

The rock faces and precipices are worth seeing here. “Lady’s Seat” is a natural seat in rock formation, with a back rest, where one or two people can sit and stretch their feet on to an adjacent rock. This view point perhaps got its name in reverence to Our Lady – Mother of Jesus Christ, Queen of the hills. The steep cliff has a drop of many hundreds of feet. It is a nerve -wracking experience for one to look down the steep cliff. It commands a good view of Salem, sprawled over a vast area. At night time the lights of Salem Town twinkle like a fairy land.

The view from here is just wonderful and one can see the winding road passing through the coffee estates snaking round the bends. On a clear day Mettur Dam too can be seen in the distance. Today, Lady’s Seat attracts many tourists who can view through a telescope from here, instilling their aesthetic perspective for Mother Nature. The Gents’ Seat and Children’s seats are also situated near Lady’s Seat.


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