shevaroyan temple yercaud
The highest peak in Yercaud

Shevaroyan Temple

Top-most peak of Yercaud

The Shevaroyan temple is situated on the highest point of the flat-topped Shevaroy hills (Yercaud). This place is also commonly referred as the – top most peak of Yercaud. The Shevaroyan temple is one of the most famous tourist spot in Yercaud. Most noteworthy the Shevaroyan hill is spread out with Bauxite which make photographs an epic shot. Probably this is also one of the reasons for which the photographers are attracted to this location. This place is also famous for its cool breeze; as a result the visitors enjoy their trip . People visit this place more than usual.

The Shevaroyan Temple

The highlight of this place is the, historic cave temple which astonishes many tourists. The temple is mainly dedicated to the Lord Shevaroyan. The temple is built out of a narrow cave which is completely airtight. The idols of Lord Shevaroyan and Goddess Kaveri are placed inside it. Goddess Kaveri is believed to be the patron deity for 67 villages located in and around the Shevaroyan hills. It is believed, the temple cave is supposed to touch the river Kaveri. The native tribes gather at the temple, during the month of May to celebrate the annual festival.

The Panaromic View of Shevaroyan Temple

Shevaroyan View @ 6.30p.m

In conclusion tourists can enjoy the spectacular views of Yercaud town and Nagalur village from this hill. The trip to this place is interesting. Probably this may be one of the reasons that attract the adventurers. There is a tree near to the temple with decoratives and offerings by the devotees of Shevaroys hill. Above all the panoramic view of the mountains spread all around will provide a visual feast to your eyes.

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