The plant trails on ground and its creeping stems bear roots on their nodes. Leaves small 2 to 4 centimetre margins tooth flowers minute pinkish red 3- 326 in a cluster fruits small 729 rigid

Distribution :
This plant grows on moist places throughout India commonly seen in marshy banks of rivers streams and ponds and in irrigated lawns fields etc.
Drug and its properties :

The leaves or entire plant tonic is alterative, used in skin diseases, leprosy, nerve and blood diseases and antiseptic. leaves accelerate nervous activity and good for increasing memory and concentration the leaf extract is antibacterial antiviral anti-inflammatory anti-ulcer genic anxiolytic and antioxidant the leaf juice is used as a General tonic for good health and decoction of leaf relieves hypertension A poultice of leaves is used to treat open sores and given in Syphilis both external and internally. Leaves Essential oil is rich in ascorbic acid Vitamin C given to tone up nerves and certain kinds of Tuberculosis

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