Plants for your Bedroom to help you sleep better

Aloe Vera Plant:
Aloe Vera emits oxygen at night, help you combat insomnia, and improve the overall sleep quality.
It reproducres easily, doesn’t need much direct sunlight, and does not need much watering.
Lavendar Plant:
Lavendar is a plant well known to induce sleep and reduce anxiety.
The lavender smell slows down your heart rate and reduces anxiety levels.

Jasmine Plant:
The smell of jasmine has been shown to improve the quality of sleep and increase alertness and productivity.
Studies has shown that it reduces anxiety levels, leading to a great quality of sleep.
English Ivy Plant:
It may be beneficials for those who have breathing problems and asthma.
studies show that English Ivy can reduce air molds to 94% in 12 hours.

Snake Plant:
A snake plant emits oxygen in the night while you are asleep, taking carbon dioxide from the air inside your house.
It also filters nasty household toxins from the air.

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