• Photo of Yercaud Map

    Yercaud Map

    Map of Popular Destinations in Yercaud

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  • Photo of Hotels to Stay

    Hotels to Stay

    Some of the popular Hotels in Yercaud Hotel Shevaroys GRT Trails Grand Palace Lake Forest Sweet Rascal Sterling Resorts Shree…

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  • Photo of Food Corner

    Food Corner

    The below are the list of hotels and restaurants in Yercaud: Vegetarian Non-Vegetarian Snack-Shops Lake Lady Seat Pagoda Point Shevaroyan…

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  • Photo of Botanical Garden Yercaud Online ticket booking

    Botanical Garden Yercaud Online ticket booking

    It is informed that, as per the instructions of CGO, Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, New Delhi and Director,…

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  • Photo of Cab Service in Yercaud

    Cab Service in Yercaud

    Vehicle Type : Mahindra Xylo – 7 Seater Contact Number : 9443244055 Salem Drop – Rs.1300/- and Salem Pick up…

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  • Photo of About Yercaud

    About Yercaud

    About Yercaud – An Overview Yercaud is situated nearly at the summit of the Shevaroys at an elevation of 4700…

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  • Photo of Vallarai


    Description: The plant trails on ground and its creeping stems bear roots on their nodes. Leaves small 2 to 4…

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  • Photo of Akarkhara


    Akarkhara It grows throughout India. The pungent flower heads are chewed to relieve toothache, throat and gum infection, a good…

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  • Photo of Arvada


    Scientific Name : Ruta Grtaveolens Common Name : Arvada Family : Rutaceae Part Used : All Parts The plant gives…

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  • Photo of Pepper


    Scientific Name : Piper nigrum Common Name : Black Pepper Family : Piperaceae Part Used : Dried, Unripe fruit Description:…

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