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  • Photo of Jack Fruit

    Jack Fruit

    Jackfruit trees in Yercaud are sighted almost everywhere and it is one of the most commonest fruit. It is cultivated…

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  • Photo of Avocado – Butter Fruit

    Avocado – Butter Fruit

    Avocado or Butter Fruit are grown commercially. The tree grows to a height of 20 m (66 ft), with alternately arranged leaves…

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  • Photo of Guava in Yercaud

    Guava in Yercaud

    Guava is one of the most common fruit eaten in Yercaud. This fruit is famous for its benefits health. Guava…

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  • Photo of Pears


    Who doesn’t like those juicy and sweet pears especially in summer? They provide some much-needed relief with their fiber-rich juiciness…

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